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How Do You Know If You Are Wearing The Penis Extender Correctly?

How Do You Know If You Are Wearing The Penis Extender Correctly?

When I started wearing the penis extender, I wasn’t sure if it was on correctly.  It’s not like I could talk with a friend and say “Does this look right to you?” or “Can I see how you wear it?” Of course not! Guys don’t share like that.  We keep our emotions bottled up and our junk hidden, until it’s time for action! Am I right? If that’s the case and it probably is for most guys, where do we go for help?  Well, visiting this site for one will help but only by talking with the manufacturer customer support will one be able to know how to wear the penis extender correctly.

Well my friends, I have bought the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Limited Edition and believe me when I tell you I’ve gotten my money’s worth from just the time I’ve spent with support! For every little question or inquiry I’ve called, emailed and chatted live online with a rep.  All in all I think I’ve spent well over 10 hours discussing every facet of the Quick Extender Program.  If you have not purchased your system and don’t have access to customer support, I am as close as you can get to an actual employee of the company with the same amount of knowledge and I want to share it all with you guys for free.

Now, my passion isn’t about a penis extender, that’s just a means to an end, my passion is about how big I can get and it just so happens that a penis extender is the only way to actually increase your size.  It’s been proven over and over through medical journals, testimonials, doctors etc. Pills, creams, patches etc. simply don’t work and have no science to backup those claims.  With that being said, let’s talk about how to wear a penis extender properly.

Assembling the Device to Your Size

When you receive your penis extender, it should be pre-assembled.  (Word of advice, you may want to ask about this before buying.) You will need to follow a simple math formula (anyone can do it) to setup the proper starting point of your program.    To determine if you have the device setup for the first time you should barely feel any tension.  This is one of the most common mistakes men make.  They assume maximum tension should be applied right away. Big mistake! The enlargement process is gradual and takes time.  You will need to increase your tension slowly and let your body get used to it before any changes occur.  If you apply maximum tension without strengthening the penis first, you may damage your penis and severely limit your growth.Securing Your Glan Support

The first thing you will know when wearing your penis extender is if it pinches.  Because the head of the penis will rest on the gland support and 2 silicone tubes will loop the tip and shaft, it should be very snug with minimal movement.  If you are tightening the loops to hard, it will begin to cut off circulation to the penis.  When this happens, you may not feel the extreme pressure you are applying but you penis will start to change color due to the lack of blood flow.  You do not have to tighten the extender that hard as the lack of blood flow can cause damage.  If the device remains on and does not affect circulation you have it secured correctly. Remember to have the first glan support secured just behind the head of the penis, behind the ridge of the head for maximum grip if you do not have a double strap system.

Make Sure the Extender Is Pointed the Right Way

I’m not taking about the device sticking straight out, up or down; I’m talking about the position of the device on the sides.  If you look closely at the penis extender, there is a subtle dip at the base.  This dip is used to guide you in making sure the device is positioned correctly.  The dip should be pointed downwards as this will make sure it is perfectly lined up so the tension from the device is equal on each side giving you consistent growth in the coming months.

Should the Extender Pivot Up or Down?

Any high end extender should be spring loaded, made of aluminum and should have the ability to pivot 180 degrees.  If your device can pivot up or down, this section is for you.  The ability to pivot the device on an axis is primarily for comfort reasons and not because one direction is better than another.  If you have the device it should be noted using it in any position will still give you the same tension at any degree.  I find when sitting the device is more comfortable pointing up towards my stomach and when walking down towards my leg.  I have confirmed through many different sources wearing the device in different positions will not prevent you from getting results as long as you put in your minimum amount of time.

If you wear the device with these simple guidelines you are wearing the penis extender the right way.  Please feel free to ask me a question or please leave a comment in the box below!

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